Angel’s Trumpets: Beautiful and deadly

Brugmansia, more commonly known as Angel’s Trumpets are well suited to their name and look positively angelic in the early morning light. Do not be deceived by their heavenly name and scent though as they are deadly poisonous so if you eat them you could meet your maker. This large shrub with it’s impressive blooms belongs to the Solanaceae family along with a plant called Deadly Nightshade for good reason, all parts of Brugmansia are poisonous, with the seeds and leaves being especially dangerous.

Photo 1: Angel’s Trumpets in Morning light

Angels trumpet 2


Photo 2: Sunkissed Angel’s Trumpet

Angels trumpet 9



Photo 3: Salutation

Angels trumpet 5

Photo 4:Angel’s Trumpet bud

Angels trumpet 3

Photo 5: Heavenly form

Angels trumpet 4

Photo 6: The spiral

Angels trumpet 6

Photo 7: Angel’s Trumpet

Angels trumpet 8


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