Welcome February – back to business as usual but with more pizzazz!

Following the blogging frenzy during the week of the #YourTurnChallenge culminating in my debut tv appearance it has been a bit of a mission to get my head out of the clouds.

Photo 1: Welcome February

Sunflower yellow

I felt so energetic and driven it was like starting my blogging journey all over again even though I’ve been doing it for three years. Now that the euphoria has settled it’s back to business as usual but the feeling of striving to fulfill my dreams has been reignited.

Photo 2: Sunflower signalsSunflower 9

I’ve always wanted to do so much, to make an impact while making a difference and uplifting and inspiring those around me in the process. This year has gotten off to a remarkable start and I am looking forward to reaching for my dreams with renewed vigour and adding some pizzazz to my floral photography.

Thanks for joining me on my journey! Have a fabulously floral February everyone!


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