Floral Photography meets Martial Arts #WeAreAllWeird

Some things simply connect with us, resonate with us or excite us. There is no standard recipe for discovering what these things will be or deciphering how the connections are made.

I love flowers. They ignite my soul.

I also love traditional Korean martial arts (aka Kuk Sool Won) – who would have guessed?

I have a blog for martial arts as well as floral photography because I love sharing what I care about. Some may find that weird but in a recent post about a contest by Seth Godin it was reassuring to hear that we are all weird.

So I went in search of a connection to my diverse passions and discovered that Hibiscus Syriacus (Rose of Sharon), also known in Korea as Mugunghwa is their official flower. This flower also just happens to grow readily in our neighborhood and the shrubs are in full view of the dojang where I train.

Weird isn’t it?

Photo 1: Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon

Photo 2: Hibiscus Syriacus

Rose of Sharon 6

Photo 3: Mugunghwa

Rose of Sharon 9


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