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Ed Knepley’s Exhibit – An abstract entry

While photographing flowers will always be my first love, I decided to explore the world of abstracts after I saw a post on Ed Knepley’s Photography Improvement blog, calling for abstract exhibit entries.

Learning to ‘see’ things differently and pay attention to the world around is what every photographer does but it was still a challenge to find something abstract that had the contours, lines and colours that appealed to me. Although I still have lots to learn this was a fun experience and I will certainly keep trying.

I tried several themes, angles and locations but ultimately I chose this one:

Photo 1: WaterworksWaterworks abstract entry

You can view this photo along with several other beautiful abstract photographs in the gallery.

Other contenders I considered for the submission included these:

Photo 2: Magic Moon

Magic Moon low res

Photo 3: Snaking metal


Red Tulip Petal Art

When tulips start to fade and the petals fall from the flowers, they can still be fun to photograph.

Photo 1: Interlocking Red Tulip Petals

Tulip petal art 3 low res

Photo 2: Red Tulip Petal Flames

Tulip petal art 2 low res

Photo 3: Red Tulip Petal Waves

Tulip Petal Art 8 low res

Photo 4: Red Tulip Petal Necklace

Tulip petal art 6 low res

Photo 5: Red Tulip Petals on Moss

Tulip Petal Art 9 low res

Photo 6: Red Tulip Petal Teeth

Tulip petal art 1 low res

Photo 7: Red Tulip Petals Gathering

Tulip Petal Art 10 low res

Mosaic meanderings

To get into the abstract mood I am looking at more post processing effects. Not really an avenue I have pursued much as I always preferred minimal meddling. That is until a photojournalist told me that processing is part of the artwork and also what makes it unique…

Photo 1: Metal mosaic

Mosaic metal low res

Photo 2: Sunny shore

Mosaic quills low res

Photo 3: Tomatoes in the sun

Mosaic tomoatoes low res

Photo 4: Flowers and petals

Mosaic  flowers low res

Photo 5:  Cool Gerbera

Mosaic  Gerbera low res