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Signs of rain

The joys of finally seeing signs of a little rain. The garden loved it. Hope there will be more soon.

Photo 1: Geranium cluster and raindrops

Geranium cluster wet

Photo 2: Fading Betty Boop in the rain

Betty Boop raindrops 2

Photo 3: Betty Boop cluster and raindrops

Betty boop cluster rain

Photo 4: Wet Gardenia

Gardenia rainsdrops

Photo 5: Raindrops on petals

Betty boop raindrops 3

Photo 6: Fresh after the rain

Betty boop raindrops

Photo 7: Geraniums in the rain

Geraniums cluster raindrops

I don’t shoot people…only flowers

I am often out in the garden in the morning with my camera to take advantage of the lovely light. This morning a local resident stopped to ask me whether I would take some portrait photos of his children. I told him I don’t shoot people..only flowers! Think I am going to make that into a t-shirt.

Photos from the garden this morning:

Photo 1: Betty Boop dreaming

Betty Boop dreaming

Photo 2: Better Boop old and new

Betty boop new old

Photo 3: Abelia small and pretty

Abelia in the morning

Photo 4: Rosebuds

Rosebuds 2

Photo 5: Variegated Rose

Rose vari 7

Photo 6: Fading pink Rose

Rose pink fading

Photo 7: Betty Boop and buds

Betty boop and buds

Photo 8: Sun bleached Betty Boop

Betty Boop bleached

Breezy Morning in the Garden

It was a bit breezy in the garden this morning so not great conditions for floral photography outdoors but there were still some lovely blooms to snap.

Photo 1: Hybrid Tea Roses

Roses tea hybrid

Photo 2: Betty Boop opening

Betty boop bud 3

Photo 3: Betty boop bud

Betty boop bud 5

Photo 4: Betty Boop bloom

Betty boop 4

Photo 5: Gardenia at the door


Photo 6: Bud over bloom

Rosebud over bloom

Photo 7: Frilly pink roses

Roses fluffy pink

Photo 8: Geraniums in bloom

Geranium pink cluster

Betty Boop still blooming

These beautifully shaded roses are still blooming despite the drought and are very pleasing to the eye.

Photo 1: Betty Boop bloom and buds

Rose and buds 2

Photo 2: Infrared Betty Boop bloom and buds

Rose and buds 2 bw

Photo 3: Betty Boop bud right

Betty Boop bud

Photo 4: Betty Boop buds

Betty boop buds

Photo 5: Betty Boop bud left

Betty Boop Bud 2

Photo 6: Betty Boop emerging bloom

Betty boop 3

Photo 7: Betty Boop Bloom and bud

Rose tea bud

Photo 8:Infrared Betty Boop Bloom and buds

Rose infrared

The garden in the morning

I’ve had very little time for photography recently but I managed a quick look around the garden this morning. Nice to know there is prettiness even when there is little time to fully appreciate it.

Photo 1: A red rose in bud

Rosebud red

Photo 2: Betty Boop in early morning light

Betty boop 2

Photo 3: Small bug on pink Geraniums

Geranium bug

Photo 4: Pink Rose trio

Roses pink trio 2

Photo 5: Dreamy Society Garlic

Society Garlic Orton