I don’t shoot people…only flowers

I am often out in the garden in the morning with my camera to take advantage of the lovely light. This morning a local resident stopped to ask me whether I would take some portrait photos of his children. I told him I don’t shoot people..only flowers! Think I am going to make that into a t-shirt.

Photos from the garden this morning:

Photo 1: Betty Boop dreaming

Betty Boop dreaming

Photo 2: Better Boop old and new

Betty boop new old

Photo 3: Abelia small and pretty

Abelia in the morning

Photo 4: Rosebuds

Rosebuds 2

Photo 5: Variegated Rose

Rose vari 7

Photo 6: Fading pink Rose

Rose pink fading

Photo 7: Betty Boop and buds

Betty boop and buds

Photo 8: Sun bleached Betty Boop

Betty Boop bleached


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