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Salmon Pink Geraniums

The Salmon Pink Geranium in my garden is not very big nor is it a prolific bloomer which is no surprise considering how little water it gets during the drought but every now and then it blooms and it’s wonderful to watch it emerge.

Photo 1: Geranium buds

Geranium blooming 2

Photo 2: Emerging Geranium

Geranium buds

Photo 3: Bud visitor

Geranium visitor

Photo 4: Geranium blooms and buds

Geranium blooming

Photo 5: Geranium blooming

Geranium bug

Photo 6: Last to open

Geraniums pink 3

Photo 7: Geraniums in the rain

Geraniums cluster raindrops

Photo 8: Geraniums in full bloom

Geraniums pink 2

Blue Agapanthus

Blue Agapanthus have now started to bloom. I saw a hummingbird feeding on one the other day but didn’t have a camera handy. That would make a pretty pic. Meanwhile I took a few of the blue buds and blooms.

Photo 1: Blue Agapanthus first blooms

Agapanthus blue 5



Photo 2: Blue Agapanthus buds

Agapanthus blue 2

Photo 3: Blue Agapanthus blooming

Agapanthus blue 3

Photo 4: Bloom amongst the buds

Agapanthus blue 4


Photo 5: Blue Agapanthus in bud

Agapanthus blue buds

Emerging White Agapanthus

Not much time for photography or to blog at the moment but just had to share this emerging white Agapanthus. At my childhood home we got very accustomed to the blue variety but finding a white one was special.

Photo 1: White Agapanthus in bud.

Agapanthus white 2

Photo 2: Buds to blooms

Agapanthus white


Photo 3: White Agapanthus blooms

Agapanthus white 4

Photo 4: White Agapanthus in morning light

Agapanthus white 3

Photo 5: Cotton buds and Qtips

Agapanthus white 5

Horde of Honeysuckle

The area in the park that earlier in Spring was sporting a Wall of Wisteria has now been replaced by a Horde of Honeysuckle. Their wonderful fragrance filled the air and nearby a group did their Tai Chi in the morning sun playing wonderful soothing music. Perfect atmosphere for fun photography.

Photo 1: Honeysuckle elegance

Honeysuckle  low res

Photo 2: Horde of Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle 9 low res

Photo 3: Honeysuckle blooms and buds

Honeysuckle 8 low res

Photo 4: Honeysuckle ClusterHoneysuckle 5 low res1

Photo 5: White Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle 2 low res

Photo 6: Honeysuckle pair

Honeysuckle 4 low res

Photo 7: Honeysuckle hugs

Honeysuckle hugs  low res

Photo 8: Buds to blooms

Honeysuckle 5 low res

Abelia in bloom

The Abelia plant needed some trimming so of course I got distracted by the beauty of the small blooms while in the garden.

Photo 1: Abelia in bloomAbelia blooming low res

Photo 2: Abelia buds and blooms

Abelia buds and blooms low res

Photo 3: Abelia buds

Abelia buds low res

Photo 4: Abelia trio

Abelia cluster low res

Photo 5: Abelia duo

Abelia duo low res

Photo 6: Abelia sprig

Abelia sprig low res


Photo 7: Abelia clusterAbelia trio low res


Clementine blossoms on a rainy day

There is a tiny clementine (citrus) tree in the front garden but despite it’s size it is an enthusiastic grower. It has already produced two small fruits that didn’t survive the curiosity of the children. In Afrikaans we call these fruits “naartjies” and it is apparently a hybrid between a mandarin and a sweet orange. It is now however sporting several white blossoms so here are a few pics. I also thought they would make a nice subject for a monochrome project that I am working on.

Photo 1: Clementine blossoms on a rainy day

Clementine blossom 2 low res

Photo 2: Clementine blossom buds

Clementine blossom 7 low res

Photo 3: Clementine blossoming

Clementine blossom 4 low res

Photo 4: Clementine blossom bud tips

Clementine blossom 5 low res

Photo 5: Clementine blossoms blooming

Clementine blossom 6 low res

Photo 6: Clementine blossom and bud

Clementine blossom 3 low res

Photo 7: Clementine blossoms with raindrops

Clementine blossom low res

Photo 8: Clementine blossoms monochrome reflection

Clementine bw r low res

Ever popular Poppies

These Poppies beckoned to me on a sunny morning walk. Their striking colours and delicate structures swaying in the wind are simply mesmerizing. You can see why they are ever popular!

Photo 1: Single Bright Orange Poppy

Poppy bright orange low res

Photo 2: Light Orange Poppy Trio

Poppies light orange low res

Photo 3: Single White Poppy

Poppy white low res1

Photo 4: White Poppy Pair

Poppies white low res

Photo 5: Single Light Orange Poppy

Poppy yellow low res

Photo 6: Poppy scene

Poppies scene low res

Photo 7: Poppy bud opening

Poppy bud low res

Photo 8: Bright Orange Poppy

Poppy orange low res


First roses blooming

I get so excited when I see buds and can’t wait for the flower to fully reveal itself. I have been watching the rosebushes closely and now the first one is in full bloom.

Photo 1: Variegated Rose in full bloom

Rose variegated bloom low res

Photo 2: Variegated Rose opening

Rose variegated opening low res

Photo 3: Variegated Rose bud

Rose variegated bud low res

Photo 4: Two roses

Roses two low res

Photo 5: Variegated Rose Petal view

Rose variegated petal view low res


Karma Camellia

In our house I am the mondegreen queen which usually causes my husband distress but I see my son is prone to it too.  The first time I heard Boy George singing ‘Karma Chameleon’ I was sure I heard ‘Come a Camellia’, nevertheless I do love Camellias so it worked for me. The Camellias are now blooming in rapid succession and deserve a song of their own.

Photo 1: Camellia in Red

Camellia Red stamens 2 low res

Photo 2: Come a Camellia

Camelia red 2 low res

Photo 3: Camellia in bud

Camellia Red bud low res

Photo 4: Camellia Chorus

Camellia Red bud 2 low res

Photo 5: Camellia Sings

Camelia red 1 low res

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