Salmon Pink Geraniums

The Salmon Pink Geranium in my garden is not very big nor is it a prolific bloomer which is no surprise considering how little water it gets during the drought but every now and then it blooms and it’s wonderful to watch it emerge.

Photo 1: Geranium buds

Geranium blooming 2

Photo 2: Emerging Geranium

Geranium buds

Photo 3: Bud visitor

Geranium visitor

Photo 4: Geranium blooms and buds

Geranium blooming

Photo 5: Geranium blooming

Geranium bug

Photo 6: Last to open

Geraniums pink 3

Photo 7: Geraniums in the rain

Geraniums cluster raindrops

Photo 8: Geraniums in full bloom

Geraniums pink 2


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