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Yellows and Pinks in Spring

Spring in the garden is a simply marvelous season! New growth and blooms and the energy of the cycle of life seems to be bursting forth everywhere!

The yellow daisies around the corner and the bright pink of the Indian Hawthorn at our front door are welcoming the bees too.

Photo 1: Single yellow daisy

Daisy yellow

Photo 2: Think pink

Indian Hawthorn 4

Photo 3: Pale pink Geranium

Geranium pale pink

Photo 4: Dancing yellow daisy

Daisy dreams

Photo 5: Perfectly pink

Hawthorn Pink

You can visit my page on FineArtAmerica for more flower photos.

Macro magic

#YourTurnChallenge #Day4

Magic happens in the minutiae of life that we are usually blissfully unaware of. Seeing the details of the ordinary up close gives a new perspective on the wonders the world holds.

I have always wanted a macro lens but could never justify the cost of one. Instead I used the lens I had to get as close as I possibly could.

Then for Christmas my darling husband surprised me with a beautiful new Canon macro lens. I almost wept with joy! A whole new world of photography awaited.

These are my first attempts at using it. It will take some getting used to but I am already thoroughly enjoying myself.

Photo 1: Salmon pink Geranium Macro

Geranium close up

Photo 2: Abelia husks

Abelia husks

Photo 3: Pink stocks

Stocks pink portrait

Salmon Pink Geraniums

The Salmon Pink Geranium in my garden is not very big nor is it a prolific bloomer which is no surprise considering how little water it gets during the drought but every now and then it blooms and it’s wonderful to watch it emerge.

Photo 1: Geranium buds

Geranium blooming 2

Photo 2: Emerging Geranium

Geranium buds

Photo 3: Bud visitor

Geranium visitor

Photo 4: Geranium blooms and buds

Geranium blooming

Photo 5: Geranium blooming

Geranium bug

Photo 6: Last to open

Geraniums pink 3

Photo 7: Geraniums in the rain

Geraniums cluster raindrops

Photo 8: Geraniums in full bloom

Geraniums pink 2

Breezy Morning in the Garden

It was a bit breezy in the garden this morning so not great conditions for floral photography outdoors but there were still some lovely blooms to snap.

Photo 1: Hybrid Tea Roses

Roses tea hybrid

Photo 2: Betty Boop opening

Betty boop bud 3

Photo 3: Betty boop bud

Betty boop bud 5

Photo 4: Betty Boop bloom

Betty boop 4

Photo 5: Gardenia at the door


Photo 6: Bud over bloom

Rosebud over bloom

Photo 7: Frilly pink roses

Roses fluffy pink

Photo 8: Geraniums in bloom

Geranium pink cluster

Droplets, cobwebs and a pink Geranium

The cobwebs in the ivy provided a lovely settling spot for some water droplets. Clearly we have several spiders! To add a touch of a colour I added a pink Geranium. It was rather difficult to get the droplets on the web in focus as the slightest camera shake or breeze produced fuzzy smudges. Here are some of the results.

Photo 1: Wet spiderweb and pink Geranium

Geranium web wet

Photo 2: Pink Geranium under web of droplets

Geranium web wet2

Photo 3: Sparkling droplets and Geranium

Geranium web wet3

Photo 4: Ivy, droplets and Pink Geranium

Geranium web wet7

Photo 5: Geranium on wet cobweb

Geranium web wet6

Photo 6: Droplet Shimmer

Geranium web wet5

Photo 7: Droplets on web over Ivy

Geranium web wet4