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Dancing in the rain

It’s the first day of winter and although we are not expecting snow here we have had some very welcome rain showers. Was a great opportunity to capture some raindrops on petals. They remind me of one of my favorite quotes.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Photo 1: Raindrops on Geraniums


Photo 2 Society Garlic in the rain


Photo 3: Rain kissed Geraniums


A Pot of Red Geraniums

Red geraniums always remind me of the beautiful window boxes in France. Striking clusters of beauty against the backdrop of brick and mortar.

I purchased a pot of red geraniums to add some color to our yard. Here they are!

Photo 1: A Pot of Red Geraniums

Geraniums red side cluster

Photo 2: Red Geraniums

Geraniums red

Photo 3: Bright and beautiful

Geraniums red 3

Flowering Geraniums

Technically it’s still Winter in Northern California but that doesn’t seem to be hindering the geraniums. They keep producing buds and blooms at regular intervals from their rather shady spot in the garden. Here are a few samples.

Photo 1: Flowering Geranium

Geranium buds 2

Photo 2:Geranium buds

Geranium buds

Photo 3: Side by side

Geranium pair 2

Photo 4: Geraniums in bloom

Geraniums in bloom

Salmon Pink Geraniums

The Salmon Pink Geranium in my garden is not very big nor is it a prolific bloomer which is no surprise considering how little water it gets during the drought but every now and then it blooms and it’s wonderful to watch it emerge.

Photo 1: Geranium buds

Geranium blooming 2

Photo 2: Emerging Geranium

Geranium buds

Photo 3: Bud visitor

Geranium visitor

Photo 4: Geranium blooms and buds

Geranium blooming

Photo 5: Geranium blooming

Geranium bug

Photo 6: Last to open

Geraniums pink 3

Photo 7: Geraniums in the rain

Geraniums cluster raindrops

Photo 8: Geraniums in full bloom

Geraniums pink 2

Signs of rain

The joys of finally seeing signs of a little rain. The garden loved it. Hope there will be more soon.

Photo 1: Geranium cluster and raindrops

Geranium cluster wet

Photo 2: Fading Betty Boop in the rain

Betty Boop raindrops 2

Photo 3: Betty Boop cluster and raindrops

Betty boop cluster rain

Photo 4: Wet Gardenia

Gardenia rainsdrops

Photo 5: Raindrops on petals

Betty boop raindrops 3

Photo 6: Fresh after the rain

Betty boop raindrops

Photo 7: Geraniums in the rain

Geraniums cluster raindrops

The garden in the morning

I’ve had very little time for photography recently but I managed a quick look around the garden this morning. Nice to know there is prettiness even when there is little time to fully appreciate it.

Photo 1: A red rose in bud

Rosebud red

Photo 2: Betty Boop in early morning light

Betty boop 2

Photo 3: Small bug on pink Geraniums

Geranium bug

Photo 4: Pink Rose trio

Roses pink trio 2

Photo 5: Dreamy Society Garlic

Society Garlic Orton


Purple Society Garlic and Pink Geraniums

A few Society Garlic blooms have appeared in the garden and their long delicate stems dance gracefully in the wind. In another spot in the garden however the salmon pink and white-edged Geraniums continue to bloom barely responding to the wind.

Photo 1: Society Garlic blooms

Society garlic garden 2 low res

Photo 2: Salmon pink and white-edged Geraniums

Geraniums pink white 4 low res

Photo 3: Purple Society Garlic

Society garlic garden 3 low res

Photo 4: Geraniums blooming

Geraniums pink white 2 low res

Photo 5: Society Garlic

Society garlic garden low res

Garden Centre exploring

Although I have loads to do in preparation for the Uckfield Art Trail on 19 July I could not refuse an invitation from a friend to visit a few Garden Centres.

She was looking for something pretty to add to her hanging baskets and decorate the area around her fountain. I am at my happiest when viewing loads of lovely flowers.

Photo: Pretty Pink Verbena with stripes

Verbena pink stripes low res

Photo: Miniature Dahlias

Dahlia pair low res

Photo: Pale pink Geraniums

Geraniums spray low res

Photo: Bright Red Gerbera

Gerbera red low res

Photo: Purple Petunias

Petunias low res