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Ed Knepley’s Exhibit – An abstract entry

While photographing flowers will always be my first love, I decided to explore the world of abstracts after I saw a post on Ed Knepley’s Photography Improvement blog, calling for abstract exhibit entries.

Learning to ‘see’ things differently and pay attention to the world around is what every photographer does but it was still a challenge to find something abstract that had the contours, lines and colours that appealed to me. Although I still have lots to learn this was a fun experience and I will certainly keep trying.

I tried several themes, angles and locations but ultimately I chose this one:

Photo 1: WaterworksWaterworks abstract entry

You can view this photo along with several other beautiful abstract photographs in the gallery.

Other contenders I considered for the submission included these:

Photo 2: Magic Moon

Magic Moon low res

Photo 3: Snaking metal


Congratulations! Your images have been displayed at the Mobile Shotz Photography Exhibition

Thanks to a competition organised by Andrew Newson Photography called Mobile Shotz some of the photos I have taken with my iPhone4s were exhibited in Crowborough on 1 November. Such lovely news!

These images are now for sale to raise funds for charity.

Here are the images I submitted:

Photo 1: Morning at Brighton West Pier

Brighton West Pier low res

Photo 2: Peach Gladioli

Pink Gladioli low res

Photo 3: Variegated Roses

roses variegated low res

Photo 4: Girl in a Pink Snowsuit

Girl in Pink Snowsuit low res

At the Uckfield Art Trail Exhibition: People, places, photographs and tips

What an experience my first exhibition has been – lots to learn and enjoy. I had no real expectations of the event as simply taking the step to be a part of an Art Trail was worth celebrating.

Photo: My stand at the Uckfield Art Trail

Art Trail stand 2013 low res

My friend Emma’s upholstered chair also fitted in very nicely with the floral theme. The velcro system boards used to hang the prints worked well although the unexpected heatwave caused the glue on some strips to melt leading to dramatic crashes as frames hit the floor. Fortunately all my prints stayed where they were placed for the duration of the event.

The most fun was meeting fellow creative types and I was thrilled to see beautiful photographs taken in my home town (Cape Town) by photographer Laura Morgan. There were also striking and colourful paintings by Paula Oakley next door to me and directly opposite me fun images created by the multi-talented Jane-Ann Cameron¬†and she is even going to send me an autographed print of her children’s book for my children! In the room next door I also met Alex Grey who does amazing things with pastels. The vibrant energy of the work by Sarah Gauntlett was also a pleasure to behold.

The thrill of positive feedback and the joy of being supported by friends, neighbours, ex-colleagues, school parents and even my pharmacist was indescribable.

Actually selling some of my work was also rather marvelous. I have renewed energy to try some new things with my floral photographs and since I am not a fan of ornaments I want to try and use my photos to create useful and functional art so watch this space.

To others considering doing this be bold and brave – you can do it! Tips 1:bring a pair of scissors and a good sense of humour 2:have small items that will allow for quick turnover 3: display as many of your good prints as you can in professional looking frames 4: enjoy yourself!

Photo: My first canvas sale

Crab Apples low res 2

Photo: My talking piece

Sheep and Libby

Photo: My first unframed print sale

Poppy path low res

Photo: My postcards that sold out

Weed bouquet