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Glamorous and Graceful Gladioli

The long elegant stems of these pink Gladioli were irresistible to me when I was out on a recent shopping trip.

To me they are the one flower that can instantly glam up an ordinary  corner in the house. Even as they bend the arching is so graceful it’s like watching a ballerina stretch.

Here are some pics of them.

Photo 1: Graceful

Gladioli pink_MG_2730

Photo 2: Glamorous

Gladioli pink_MG_2728

Photo 3: Gorgeous

Gladioli pink_MG_2725

Photo 4: Eye catching

Gladioli pink bunch_MG_2731

Photo 5: ElegantGladioli pink filter_MG_2730

Blogger? A Red Rose for #RuckusMakerDay

A Red Rose for RuckusMaker Day!

A Red Rose for RuckusMaker Day!

Thanks to Seth Godin tomorrow marks the first annual RuckusMaker Day!

Tomorrow would have been Steve Jobs‘ 60th birthday and Seth describes his contribution as “having a point of view”.

He also explains that having a point of view and scheduling a time and place to say something is almost certainly going to improve your thinking, your attitude and your trajectory – and that a great way to do it is by blogging!

Today also marks the start of Social Media Week. My fellow flower-loving blogger Joyce Sullivan will be speaking at the conference in New York City too. What a great time to be inspired to blog!

I have a point of view – as you do and blogging certainly does give me the opportunity to share it with the world. While I share I also grow. I share about the things I care about it.

I share because I can’t help myself but get excited about the amazing experiences and people that life has brought my way.

I also read other blogs. I enjoy reading the tales that others have to tell.

Spoken-word poet Sarah Kay was stunned to find she couldn’t be a princess, ballerina and astronaut all in one lifetime. In her TED talk, she delivers two powerful poems that show us how we can live other lives.

When Sarah spoke about only being able to lead one life she captured the essence of why I love listening to people tell me their stories. These stories then often move me to write and often to take action to help others make a ruckus.

Naming this blog Fables and Flora was a chance to combine my passions of floral photography with stories I hear, see or read about or experience myself.

So enjoy the first RuckusMaker Day tomorrow! I would love to hear your stories about what you did!

As Seth says: Speak up. Not just tomorrow, but every day.

Red Anthuriums

Bought these red Anthuriums in a little pot. They have such a simple yet elegant shape. A woman behind me at the checkout told me that it was the only flower her father could ever recall the name of because he liked them so much. As a result when he died they had a red and white Athurium design printed on a blanket to drape over his casket. Flowers can touch us in so many ways…

Photo 1: Red Anthuriums

Anthuriums 2

Photo 2: Bud and bloom

Anthuriums 7

Photo 3: Anthurium curves


Photo 4: Side by side

Anthuriums 5

Photo 5: On the edge

Anthuriums 6

Shell ginger, Alpinia zerumbet

Shell ginger is native to Southeast Asia.  The ginger typically used for cooking is the rhizome of Zingiber officinale and shell ginger is in the same family but not usually used as a spice. This one was used for landscaping purposes and the leaves reminded me of Canna plants.

Photo 1: Shell ginger bloom

Shell ginger

Photo 2: Shell ginger bloom and buds

Shell ginger 2

Photo 3: Shells

Shell ginger 3

Photo 4: Bee on Shell Ginger

Shell ginger 4


Photo 5: Shell Ginger blooms

Shell ginger 5


Extension tube delight

I received a rather early birthday present from my lovely hubby today – extension tubes for my camera. For those of you who are still saving for a macro lens like I am – this is an affordable alternative. Played around with it in the yard and was very pleased with the results.

Photo 1: Wasp on a wet pink Rose

Rose wasp

Photo 2: Droplets on Rose petal

Rose petal orange pink

Photo 3: White Rosebud with droplets

Rosebud drops 5

Photo 4: Rose petal edge

Rose petal curve

Photo 5: Rose petal curve

Rosebud pink petal

Photo 6: Droplets on peach Rose

Rose peach droplets

Photo 7: Wet Barbara Streisand Rose

Rose and droplets



Faces of a Poppy

Trying out various processing techniques on an old Poppy photo of mine. I recall crawling up an embankment next to a busy road to take the photo and just missed stepping into a massive fox hole. Which version tickles your fancy?

Photo 1: Poppy Cropped on Black

Poppy red open

Photo 2: Poppy Black & White

Poppy open BW

Photo 3: Poppy Stucco

Poppy red open stucco

Photo 4: Poppy Painted

Poppy red open paint

Photo 5: Poppy Night Vision

Poppy red open night vision

Photo 6:Poppy Orton

Poppy red open Orton

Photo 7: Poppy Original

Poppy red open


Views of a Red Rosebud

Sometimes a bud forms in such a eye-catching way that I can stay captivated by it for quite a while. This red rosebud in our back yard is a case in point.

Photo 1: Red Rosebud on blue


Photo 2: Rosebud and morning light

Rosebud drops

Photo 3:  Rosebud on pinkRosebud drops 4

Photo 4: Rosebud and droplets

Rosebud drops 3

Photo 5: Red Rosebud calling

Rosebud drops 2

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