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Happy Iris Day!

May 8 is Iris Day and to celebrate it here are some of the Iris photos I have taken recently. The word Iris is derived from the Greek term for “rainbow” so I’ve added as many of the colours as I have. The Iris is the state flower of Tennessee, symbol of Brussels, and flower for the 25th wedding anniversary. Brussels celebrates the Fête de l’Iris (Iris Festival) this weekend 10 and 11 May.

Photo 1: Yellow Iris

Iris yellow eye low res

Photo 2: Purple Iris

Iris pueple  low res

Photo 3: White Iris

Iris fairy 3 low res

Photo 4: Blue Iris

Iris blue 2 low res

Photo 5: Lilac Irises

Iris pair low res

Photo 6: Delicate Purple Iris

Iris purple 3 low res

Photo 7: Top of Blue Iris

Iris blue 3 low res

Photo 8: Yellow Iris Eye

Iris yellow eye 2 low res


Graphic gradients

Every artist would like to create something unique. Something special and memorable that draws one nearer and is intriguing. In my quest to find that special something to make my images unique I keep experimenting. Today’s experiment is with radial gradient fills. Some of them I like, some of them I don’t but nothing ventured means nothing gained.

Photo 1: Peach pink Rose

Rose peach pink V2

Photo 2: Blue Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum blue halo

Photo 3: Orange Rose

Rose orange V low res

Photo 4: Deep Pink RoseRose pink  V low res

Photo 5: Blue Iris

Iris blue V low res

Photo 6: Pale Pink Roses

Rose pink  V2 low res

Photo 7: White Rose on Purple

Rose white purple V low res


Butterfly Iris

Butterfly Irises also known as Wild or Fairy Irises (Dietes grandiflora) are blooming nicely in our area now. Their petals appear to float delicately on the breeze so I can see why they have the name. Was fascinated by the bloom with the folded petals – looked like it was grumpy to me so I called it the Irate Iris.

Photo 1: Butterfly Iris

Iris fairy 3 low res

Photo 2: Butterfly Iris Pair

Iris fairy low res

Photo 3: Butterfly Iris bud

Iris fairy 6 low res

Photo 4: Irate Iris

Fairy Iris 7 low res

Photo 5: Butterfly Iris Symmetry

Iris fairy 8 low res

Photo 6: Butterfly Iris duo

Iris fairy 4 low res

Photo 7: Floating like a Butterfly

Iris fairy 5 low res

Photo 8: Butterfly Irises

Iris fairy 2 low res

Garden surprise

The nice thing about moving to a new house in winter is having very little idea of what to expect in the garden in spring. Our garden has been producing lots of lovely surprises and the latest one is one of my favourites – a peony bud! The two buds on display at the moment are somewhat small but I am very excited to see the colour of the bloom. There are several other lovely blooms to behold, the roses continue to enchant with a yellow variety and the lemon tree is now in blossom.

Photo 1: Peony bud surprise

Peonie bud low res

Photo 2: First yellow rose

Rose yellow low res

Photo 3: Lemon blossom and bud

Lemon blossom and bud low res

Photo 4: Peachy pink rose

Rose peachy pink low res

Photo 5: Single Lemon Blossom

Lemon blossom single low res

Photo 6: Yellow Iris

Iris yellow low res

Photo 7: Ruffled pink Rose

Rose pink fluffy 5 low res