Butterfly Iris

Butterfly Irises also known as Wild or Fairy Irises (Dietes grandiflora) are blooming nicely in our area now. Their petals appear to float delicately on the breeze so I can see why they have the name. Was fascinated by the bloom with the folded petals – looked like it was grumpy to me so I called it the Irate Iris.

Photo 1: Butterfly Iris

Iris fairy 3 low res

Photo 2: Butterfly Iris Pair

Iris fairy low res

Photo 3: Butterfly Iris bud

Iris fairy 6 low res

Photo 4: Irate Iris

Fairy Iris 7 low res

Photo 5: Butterfly Iris Symmetry

Iris fairy 8 low res

Photo 6: Butterfly Iris duo

Iris fairy 4 low res

Photo 7: Floating like a Butterfly

Iris fairy 5 low res

Photo 8: Butterfly Irises

Iris fairy 2 low res


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