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To be judged by Anne Geddes – please vote for my entries!

There aren’t many people who haven’t heard of Anne Geddes. The wonderful creativity and unique niche of her photography is so distinctive.

FineArtAmerica is currently hosting a National TV photo contest that she will be judging. The winners of the competition will appear in their next TV commercial which is scheduled to begin airing in July 2015.

To make it through the first round your photos need to get at least 250 votes. There are thousands of entries and the last number I saw of shares of the competition were over 38 000! Some lovely people have already voted for my work and that was very heartwarming!

Competition is so tough but since this is the week of shipping for the #YourTurnChallenge I have submitted my three entries and I’m hoping for the best!

So if you like what you see – please vote for me! Clicking on the image will take you directly to the voting page.

Entry 1: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum blue white 2

Entry 2: Chrysanthemum dreams

Chrysanthemum white wet

Entry 3: Blooming

Rose and buds 3

When photos cause a firestorm #day3 #YourTurnChallenge

While watching the news this morning there was a report about a weight-lifting Mum showing off her six pack and causing a firestorm. She did it by posting a photo with a caption on Instagram. It offended some and got support from others. It also made me think about a beautiful and thought-provoking song Try by Colbie Caillat.

To me the interesting thing about this story – it all happened because of a photograph.

Images tell a story like nothing else can. It’s why photography is fascinating and captivating.

I recently posted a floral photograph on my Facebook page. It was not an image I had thought much of but it got a significant response from my friends. We don’t always know what resonates with people in the art we produce but it’s great to know when a connection has been made.

What are you photographing today?

Photo 1: Wet Rose on Facebook

Rose vari wet

Photo 2: Pink Roses near the Creek

Roses pink cluster 3

Photo 3: Pink Roses in my garden

Roses pink trio

Garden Flowers in Wonderland

I recently posted some photos of the miniature daffodils already blooming in the garden and a comment from fellow photography blogger Sophie L then inspired this bit of fun with some of my other flower photos. I have always loved Lewis Carroll’s book Alice in Wonderland and the Disney animated movie was thoroughly enjoyable too.  Since I still have some other flower pics I may do a few more! Thanks for the inspiration Sophie!

Photo 1: Garden of Talking Flowers

Alice flowers low res

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


Congratulations! Your images have been displayed at the Mobile Shotz Photography Exhibition

Thanks to a competition organised by Andrew Newson Photography called Mobile Shotz some of the photos I have taken with my iPhone4s were exhibited in Crowborough on 1 November. Such lovely news!

These images are now for sale to raise funds for charity.

Here are the images I submitted:

Photo 1: Morning at Brighton West Pier

Brighton West Pier low res

Photo 2: Peach Gladioli

Pink Gladioli low res

Photo 3: Variegated Roses

roses variegated low res

Photo 4: Girl in a Pink Snowsuit

Girl in Pink Snowsuit low res

Playing with Pansies

So I have planted small blue pansies in pots to replace my petunias. They are so pretty I had to pick a few to take pics.

Photo 1: Pretty pansies plastic wrapped


Photo 2: Pansies in a pot

Pansy 2 tonelow res

Photo 3: Pansies with Carnations

Pansies and Carnations low res

Photo 4: Pansies in Blue Wild Carrot

Pansies in Wild Carrot4 low res

Photo 5: Pansies on a cup candle

Pansies and cup low res