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Rosebud Romance

Bought some flowers for my neighbour for Chinese New Year – yellow and red roses – but quickly had to take a few shots and try a few effects before I gave them away – shhh!

Photo 1: Vintage Yellow Rosebud

Rosebud yellow low res

Photo 2: Rosebud in a bubble

Rosebud yellow bubble low res

Photo 3: Single yellow Rosebud

Rosebud yellow on bw low res

Photo 4: Rosebud in roses

Rosebud yellow bw red low res

Photo 5: Simply Rosebuds

Rosebud yellow 1 low res

Fables and Flora is moving to California

So after a lovely three years exploring the English countryside my husband’s new job means that we are changing countries again. Next stop California and we are leaving in November. Since I will also have to sell my pc it means that soon there will be a bit of a break of posts until I am reconnected. Thanks to all the Fables and Flora supporters for sharing in my adventures! While I can, here are some California themed flower pics.

Photo 1: California poppy

Californian poppy in meadow low res

Photo 2: California Bluebells

Californian Bluebell low res

Photo 3: Changing from one Red, White and Blue to another

Carnation red in bunch low res


“Ne’er cast a cloot til Mey’s oot”

According to folklore the saying “Ne’er cast a cloot til Mey’s oot” conveys a warning not to shed any cloots (clothes) before the summer has fully arrived and the may flowers (hawthorn blossoms) are in full bloom. The Hawthorn is a rather common tree in the English countryside and usually in May it gives a beautiful display of clusters of small flowers. It is therefore also sometimes called the May Tree and the blossom itself has also been called May. The Hawthorn belongs to a large genus of shrubs and trees called Crataegus. There are many species and hybrids and the flower colours include, white, pink and red.

Photo: Red Hawthorn

Hawthorn Red low res

Photo: White Hawthorn

white blossoms low res

Photo: Red Hawthorn

Hawthorn Red 2 low res

Photo: White Hawthorn over water

Hawthorn White water low res

Photo: White Hawthorn blossoms

Hawthorn White 2 low res

Wild Poppy Hunting

Since I already managed to get some photos of cultivated giant poppies I was happy to spot a cluster of wild poppies growing along the side the road near our Town.

Photo: Poppy centre up close

Poppy centre low res

It was a bit of climb through the grass to get to them and I discovered a rather large and deep hole nearby, either a fox or badger home I assume, but fortunately didn’t step into it.

Photo: Pair of Poppies

Poppy pair low res

Photo: Poppies side-by-side

Poppy pair assymetrical low res

Photo: Poppy exposed

Poppy exposed low res

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