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A Pot of Red Geraniums

Red geraniums always remind me of the beautiful window boxes in France. Striking clusters of beauty against the backdrop of brick and mortar.

I purchased a pot of red geraniums to add some color to our yard. Here they are!

Photo 1: A Pot of Red Geraniums

Geraniums red side cluster

Photo 2: Red Geraniums

Geraniums red

Photo 3: Bright and beautiful

Geraniums red 3

HAGS: Have A Great Summer!

It’s a stunningly beautiful morning in Northern California today. As my children excitedly anticipate the start of the summer break the mood is jovial and we pay attention to little details on the school run. We spotted a swallowtail butterfly fluttering between the emerging white agapanthus and its wings were catching the morning sunlight. There is so much we can be thankful for and these small moments remind me about the joy to be found in living.

Photo 1: Be thoughtful. Be Kind. Be Considerate.

Photo 2: There are small moments of beauty in every day of you choose to find them.

Photo 3: Each new day is an opportunity to try again!

Photo 4: Surround yourself with positive people who nurture your dreams!

Reading my children’s yearbooks and seeing all the good wishes made me want to share them too – so HAGS to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere and HUGS to everyone in the South!

Chasing Fall

Went out to the park searching for autumnal shades. There was not much variety however as I think the scorching heat moves the foliage from dead to crisp rather quickly. The leaves seem to simply whither and fall. So I guess this is Fall in full throttle.

Photo 1: Sunlight on an Autumn leaf

Leaf autumn

Photo 2: Fall in yellow

Fall leaves 3

Photo 3: Fall in Red

Leaves red

Photo 4: Fall softly

Fall leaves

Photo 5: Fallen leaf

Leaf autumn 2

Photo 6: Leaf in Colour

Leaf in puddle

Photo 7: Leaf in Black and White

Leaf in puddle bw

Red Anthuriums

Bought these red Anthuriums in a little pot. They have such a simple yet elegant shape. A woman behind me at the checkout told me that it was the only flower her father could ever recall the name of because he liked them so much. As a result when he died they had a red and white Athurium design printed on a blanket to drape over his casket. Flowers can touch us in so many ways…

Photo 1: Red Anthuriums

Anthuriums 2

Photo 2: Bud and bloom

Anthuriums 7

Photo 3: Anthurium curves


Photo 4: Side by side

Anthuriums 5

Photo 5: On the edge

Anthuriums 6

Yay I now have an artist page!

I am so grateful to have the space to pursue something I love and now I have taken the plunge to see whether it can make me an income as well by launching an artist website today. Taking photographs of flowers is my passion. It energizes and invigorates me like nothing else. It fuels my soul and focuses my chi.

Photo 1: Swallowtail Butterfly on red Yarrow

Swallowtail on Sedum

The photo above is my latest upload on to the site. The one below of the white Agapanthus is my first sale!

Photo 2: New Beginnings

Agapanthus white 2

If you are feeling so inclined I would really appreciate some comments on the images I uploaded on the site.

My photos appear to be popular as floral greeting cards so I am planning to print some batches as well. I still have so much to learn but I am thoroughly enjoying the journey! 

Thanks for your support!


Views of a Red Rosebud

Sometimes a bud forms in such a eye-catching way that I can stay captivated by it for quite a while. This red rosebud in our back yard is a case in point.

Photo 1: Red Rosebud on blue


Photo 2: Rosebud and morning light

Rosebud drops

Photo 3:  Rosebud on pinkRosebud drops 4

Photo 4: Rosebud and droplets

Rosebud drops 3

Photo 5: Red Rosebud calling

Rosebud drops 2

Gerbera Daisy Pop Art

Having fun with a red Gerbera and some solar effects to produce a pop art image. The first shot was red then I used a solar effect and changed hues to produce the different two-tone versions. Finally I removed some colour ranges completely to produce the blue flower. One photo, many faces…

Photo 1: Gerbera Daisy Pop Art

Gerbera pop art 2 low res1

Photo 2: Red Gerbera original shot

Gerbera red low res

Photo 3: Gerbera solar red

Gerbera solar red low res

Photo 4: Gerbera solar green

Gerbera solar green low res

Photo 5: Gerbera solar orange

Gerbera solar orange low res

Photo 6: Gerbera blue

Gerbera solar blue low res

Photo 7: Gerbera Daisy Pop Art half

Gerbera pop art 1 low res

Karma Camellia

In our house I am the mondegreen queen which usually causes my husband distress but I see my son is prone to it too.  The first time I heard Boy George singing ‘Karma Chameleon’ I was sure I heard ‘Come a Camellia’, nevertheless I do love Camellias so it worked for me. The Camellias are now blooming in rapid succession and deserve a song of their own.

Photo 1: Camellia in Red

Camellia Red stamens 2 low res

Photo 2: Come a Camellia

Camelia red 2 low res

Photo 3: Camellia in bud

Camellia Red bud low res

Photo 4: Camellia Chorus

Camellia Red bud 2 low res

Photo 5: Camellia Sings

Camelia red 1 low res

Red Tulip Petal Art

When tulips start to fade and the petals fall from the flowers, they can still be fun to photograph.

Photo 1: Interlocking Red Tulip Petals

Tulip petal art 3 low res

Photo 2: Red Tulip Petal Flames

Tulip petal art 2 low res

Photo 3: Red Tulip Petal Waves

Tulip Petal Art 8 low res

Photo 4: Red Tulip Petal Necklace

Tulip petal art 6 low res

Photo 5: Red Tulip Petals on Moss

Tulip Petal Art 9 low res

Photo 6: Red Tulip Petal Teeth

Tulip petal art 1 low res

Photo 7: Red Tulip Petals Gathering

Tulip Petal Art 10 low res

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