Gerbera Daisy Pop Art

Having fun with a red Gerbera and some solar effects to produce a pop art image. The first shot was red then I used a solar effect and changed hues to produce the different two-tone versions. Finally I removed some colour ranges completely to produce the blue flower. One photo, many faces…

Photo 1: Gerbera Daisy Pop Art

Gerbera pop art 2 low res1

Photo 2: Red Gerbera original shot

Gerbera red low res

Photo 3: Gerbera solar red

Gerbera solar red low res

Photo 4: Gerbera solar green

Gerbera solar green low res

Photo 5: Gerbera solar orange

Gerbera solar orange low res

Photo 6: Gerbera blue

Gerbera solar blue low res

Photo 7: Gerbera Daisy Pop Art half

Gerbera pop art 1 low res


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