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Red Tulip Petal Art

When tulips start to fade and the petals fall from the flowers, they can still be fun to photograph.

Photo 1: Interlocking Red Tulip Petals

Tulip petal art 3 low res

Photo 2: Red Tulip Petal Flames

Tulip petal art 2 low res

Photo 3: Red Tulip Petal Waves

Tulip Petal Art 8 low res

Photo 4: Red Tulip Petal Necklace

Tulip petal art 6 low res

Photo 5: Red Tulip Petals on Moss

Tulip Petal Art 9 low res

Photo 6: Red Tulip Petal Teeth

Tulip petal art 1 low res

Photo 7: Red Tulip Petals Gathering

Tulip Petal Art 10 low res