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Pink and White Variegated Roses

There is a rather tall rosebush at our front door displaying the most stunning and fragrant pink and white blooms. It’s a prolific producer and now that I have a garden with 14 rose bushes I better learn how to take care of them! Any advice on rose care would be greatly appreciated.

Photo 1: Pink and White Variegated RoseRose vari wet orton low res

Photo 2: Pink and White Variegated Roses

Rose vari 8  low res

Photo 3:White and Pink Variegated Rose

Rose vari 7  low res

Photo 4: Rose rising

Rose vari 4  low res

Photo 5: Roses

Rose vari 5  low res

Photo 6:  Wet Pink and White Variegated RoseRose vari 2 low res

Photo 7: Hanging rose

Rose vari 9  low res



Roses for the Lady Amy

I was really touched today by the comments and responses of a fellow blogger to my posts on roses. Seldom have I received such a heartfelt and warm response to my photographs and it was clearly from someone who is equally enraptured by the beauty of roses. Since my garden is alive with them at the moment I picked a few and put them in a vase just for her! So these are for you Lady Amy ! I am sure you will enjoy visiting her lovely blog Petals Unfolding ~ The Embrace of Love~ too.

Photo 1: Vase of Roses for a Lady

Roses bunch vase 7 low res

Photo 2: For the love of Roses

Roses bunch vase 2 low res

Photo 3: Blooming and beautiful

Roses bunch vase 4 low res

Photo 4: Petals Unfolding

Roses bunch vase 5 low res

Photo 5:  A bunch of beauty

Roses bunch vase low res

Photo 6: Roses smell so sweet

Roses bunch vase 3 low res

Photo 7:  Rosey wonder

Roses bunch vase 6 low res

Raindrops on Roses

After the stormy weather this week I was very pleased to see that the roses coped. You can see why raindrops on roses are a few of my favourite things!

Photo 1: Raindrops on Rose

Rose raindrops 5 low res

Photo 2: Raindrops on petals

Rose raindrops 2 low res

Photo 3: Rose with droplets

Rose raindrops 4 low res

Photo 4: A droplet on the Roses

Rose raindrops 7 low res

Photo 5: Roses and raindrops

Rose raindrops low res

Photo 6: Rain on rose

Rose raindrops 6 low res

Photo 7: Rose in the rain

Rose raindrops 3 low res

First roses blooming

I get so excited when I see buds and can’t wait for the flower to fully reveal itself. I have been watching the rosebushes closely and now the first one is in full bloom.

Photo 1: Variegated Rose in full bloom

Rose variegated bloom low res

Photo 2: Variegated Rose opening

Rose variegated opening low res

Photo 3: Variegated Rose bud

Rose variegated bud low res

Photo 4: Two roses

Roses two low res

Photo 5: Variegated Rose Petal view

Rose variegated petal view low res


Variegated Pink Carnations

Missed my flowers and since people seem to be getting in the mood for Valentine’s Day I decided to go with some pink carnations.

Photo 1: Single Pink Variegated Carnation

Carnation variegated 1 low res

Photo 2: Trio of Pink Variegated Carnation

Carnation variegated 4  low res

Photo 3: Pink Variegated Carnation Spray

Carnation variegated 2 low res

Photo 4: Pink Variegated Carnation Gathering

Carnation variegated 3  low res

Photo 5: Variegated Carnations

Carnation variegated 5 low res