Pink and White Variegated Roses

There is a rather tall rosebush at our front door displaying the most stunning and fragrant pink and white blooms. It’s a prolific producer and now that I have a garden with 14 rose bushes I better learn how to take care of them! Any advice on rose care would be greatly appreciated.

Photo 1: Pink and White Variegated RoseRose vari wet orton low res

Photo 2: Pink and White Variegated Roses

Rose vari 8  low res

Photo 3:White and Pink Variegated Rose

Rose vari 7  low res

Photo 4: Rose rising

Rose vari 4  low res

Photo 5: Roses

Rose vari 5  low res

Photo 6:  Wet Pink and White Variegated RoseRose vari 2 low res

Photo 7: Hanging rose

Rose vari 9  low res




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