Sun scorched Roses

The exceptional heat this week combined with the persistent drought had a dramatic effect on the roses. Although they are producing blooms at quite a rapid rate the dry heat seemed to simply melt their petals yielding rather interesting effects. Some of them look like potpourri on a stem!

Photo 1: Sun scorched Rose

Rose burnt

Photo 2: Singed petals

Rose burnt 3

Photo 3: Burnt Rose trio

Rose burnt 7

Photo 4: Potpourri on a stem

Rose singed

Photo 5: Sun burnt rose

Rose burnt 5

Photo 6: Duo of sun singed roses

Rose burnt 4

Photo 7: Fried versus Fresh

Rose burnt 6

Photo 8: Sun melted rose

Rose burnt 8Photo 9: Portrait of a sun burnt rose

Rose burnt 2



  • The Roses poor, sun their fact not only of the good…
    Beautiful end of evening to you.

  • Beautiful! May I use your photos as reference for my paintings?

    • Hi Janice, so pleased to hear that my Sun scorched Roses have inspired you! A number of my photos are for sale on Fine Art America and are protected by copyright but the scorched roses are under Creative Commons so you are welcome to make derivatives of them. I love it when other artists continue the journey of a moment and I’m thrilled when they have the integrity to ask permission to use them. Enjoy!

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