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A Woman’s Touch – Up Close & Personal

Artists thrive on positive responses to their artwork and I was delighted to receive the following message – “Congratulations, Vanessa! You have been selected as our ‘Up Close & Personal’ featured artist in ‘A Woman’s Touch’!!

Rose Pink Swirl Macro Photography Vanessa Thomas

Later tonight or early tomorrow [Sunday] morning, this gorgeous rose macro swirl & a brief bio will grace our homepage for the week beginning 9.6.20. You are invited to share the homepage featuring your work on Social Media, with family & friends, and in any group discussions thread that fits. Fvl.” Brooks Garten Hauschild

Brooks Garten Hauschild has led a remarkable creative journey and it’s wonderful that she has decided to support other female artists in this way!

You can visit the “A Woman’s Touch” Group here to see more beautiful artworks!

If you’re a female artist – drop your blog link in the comments!





Sun scorched Roses

The exceptional heat this week combined with the persistent drought had a dramatic effect on the roses. Although they are producing blooms at quite a rapid rate the dry heat seemed to simply melt their petals yielding rather interesting effects. Some of them look like potpourri on a stem!

Photo 1: Sun scorched Rose

Rose burnt

Photo 2: Singed petals

Rose burnt 3

Photo 3: Burnt Rose trio

Rose burnt 7

Photo 4: Potpourri on a stem

Rose singed

Photo 5: Sun burnt rose

Rose burnt 5

Photo 6: Duo of sun singed roses

Rose burnt 4

Photo 7: Fried versus Fresh

Rose burnt 6

Photo 8: Sun melted rose

Rose burnt 8Photo 9: Portrait of a sun burnt rose

Rose burnt 2


Roses for the Lady Amy

I was really touched today by the comments and responses of a fellow blogger to my posts on roses. Seldom have I received such a heartfelt and warm response to my photographs and it was clearly from someone who is equally enraptured by the beauty of roses. Since my garden is alive with them at the moment I picked a few and put them in a vase just for her! So these are for you Lady Amy ! I am sure you will enjoy visiting her lovely blog Petals Unfolding ~ The Embrace of Love~ too.

Photo 1: Vase of Roses for a Lady

Roses bunch vase 7 low res

Photo 2: For the love of Roses

Roses bunch vase 2 low res

Photo 3: Blooming and beautiful

Roses bunch vase 4 low res

Photo 4: Petals Unfolding

Roses bunch vase 5 low res

Photo 5:  A bunch of beauty

Roses bunch vase low res

Photo 6: Roses smell so sweet

Roses bunch vase 3 low res

Photo 7:  Rosey wonder

Roses bunch vase 6 low res

Rose Petal Power

The Roses just keep blooming and they have such beautiful shading that I just have to take a few more photos. I put some emphasis on the petals rather than the full bloom after being inspired by one of the winning entries for IGPOTY (International Garden Photographer of the Year).

Photo 1: Rose petals

Rose petals 2 low res


Photo 2: Petal power

Rose petals 4 low res


Photo 3: Variegated petals

Rose petals low res

Photo 4: Soft curves

Rose petals 3 low res

Photo 5: A single rose petal

Rose petals 5 low res


Red Tulip Petal Art

When tulips start to fade and the petals fall from the flowers, they can still be fun to photograph.

Photo 1: Interlocking Red Tulip Petals

Tulip petal art 3 low res

Photo 2: Red Tulip Petal Flames

Tulip petal art 2 low res

Photo 3: Red Tulip Petal Waves

Tulip Petal Art 8 low res

Photo 4: Red Tulip Petal Necklace

Tulip petal art 6 low res

Photo 5: Red Tulip Petals on Moss

Tulip Petal Art 9 low res

Photo 6: Red Tulip Petal Teeth

Tulip petal art 1 low res

Photo 7: Red Tulip Petals Gathering

Tulip Petal Art 10 low res