LinkedIn doesn’t like flakey

Photo 1: #YourTurnChallenge #Day2


The conversation with my relocation adviser was about fifteen minutes in when we started talking about my LinkedIn profile summary. She took one look at it and said “You will have to remove the bit about the floral photography, recruiters don’t like flakey”.

Floral photography is my passion. Nothing ignites my soul like capturing the essence of a bloom in all it’s splendour. To have my art judged and demoted at a glance hurt.

Understandably the conversation rapidly deteriorated after that. If being passionate about floral photography made me flakey then so be it!

I would be a flakey artsy generalist instead of a boxed in, easily defined, scientific writer. If a recruiter didn’t like that I was flakey then they didn’t have work that would fuel my creative fire so that was no loss anyway.

I maintain that the world needs flakey! The world needs our authentic creative selves connecting with our passions to drive us into new realms of accomplishment.

You define who you are and you set the boundaries. Not conforming to expectations is not a bad thing. Sterilising the flakey is not a solution.

So be brave and be flakey! Live your passion and leave a legacy. I know I will.

So here’s another piece of my art (you fan find more on FineArtAmerica):



  • Vanessa, this is SO important to me. We must talk about floral photography. When I started my garden photos and created a Foursquare site for them – it’s my side yard! I thought it deserved to have a special name for all the photos – a destination in more ways than one! – I was concerned my ‘day job’ watchers would not take me seriously! The world does need more beauty – especially for those in the work a day world where more joy is needed! Brava for the floral photographers! ~ Joyce

    • That’s awesome Joyce! Thrilled to share a passion for floral photography with you! There are moments of beauty we encounter each day and they are worth sharing to make them a part of our future.

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